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Many small business owners will try to increase sales this season and most will fail but those who succeed will get huge results & profits this season because they know these amazing truths about customers & selling online & that make it easy to sell at high prices and make big profits.

If you have been struggling, begging and selling on credit just to attract customers, you deserve better than that.

This book will give you the confidence to sell anything.

When you become very confident at selling, you will be able to increase your prices without fear, you will stop giving unnecessary discounts just because you want a customer to buy and you will know what to do and how sell to make people buy from you easily and quickly before they consider your competitors.

This book is for you if:

  • you ever reduced your price just because you want customers to buy.


  • If you make less than N5,000 profit on products you sell


  • you are scared to increase your price because you think people will not buy


  • you have begged people to buy from you


  • your major customers are friends and family and they always owe you.


  • you think selling on credit is better because at least the goods will leave your hand


  • you sometimes feel you are disturbing a customer when you follow up or send a reminder


  • if you ever prayed really hard for a sale only to hear “i will get back to you” and other annoying excuses customers give.

Then you need to let me  change the way you do approach selling and let me show you the simple techniques I used and have come to understand to be able to scale my business online, and grow my revenue 

I personally do not agree that the "Customer is king"


It is supply and demand, Give and Take.

As a business owner, you will agree that sometimes customers can be entitled because of this popular phrase and in a bid to pacify them, you may lose money and time.

 I want to help you fix this. 

This mindset has personally helped me sell a lot of products online in because at my very core, I put my business before the customer.

I believe this will help you too and I have broken it down so simply that my un-educated Grandma in the village will find it very easy to understand.

Inside of this book, Here are a few secret that you’ll discover..

P.S: Look as educating as this book is, I understand it’s not for everybody…so I want you to really be sure this is right for you.

i would love you to take a minute to think about your business!

are you really getting it right in sales?

are you approaching your customers the right way? 

how many times customers has said “I will get back to you and never did”?.

if you are tired of the way you sell to people and see no results and want a change the way you do things

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About The Author:

Nwajioha Stanley (Chimuaya) is an e-Commerce and Online Business growth Strategist with experience in Social media management, paid advertising, sales & marketing.

he was once a struggling fela like you, who now smiles monthly everytime he looks at his sales figure monthly.

he has helped grow multiple businesses into six-figures monthly using the same sales & marketing strategies you will be exposed to in this book.

in this book, you will be exposed to the same sales strategies in which he used to achieve this success.

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