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Discover!!! the easy and safe way to get rid of mosquitoes in your homes, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Your home is your  sanctuary. the place where you spend time to relax, and also spend quality time with your loved one’s every single week, it should be livable and enjoyable! free from insects that can cause harm to you. 

it's frustrating!! when Just as you are about to sleep, lights off, and you hear the buzzing sound of a mosquito approaching, it is frustrating! mosquitoes are not just annoying, but the fact that they spread diseases (like malaria, west nile virus and more.

Did You That Mosquito is the most deadliest animal in the world according to it's number of victims worldwide?

No other animal causes as much sickness and suffering to us as mosquitoes over the years. they carry malaria, westnile virus and more. malaria is a major problem in nigeria, 76% of the nigeria population live in a high transmission area while 24% live in a low transmission areas, according to the studies of the world  malaria report (2019), nigeria recorded the highest number of malaria cases and deaths. malaria is a public health problem which must be fought and the carrier of the disease too.

What are mosquitoes attracted to?

the more obvious you are, the more mosquitoes are attracted to you, for example, sweat and bacteria on one’s skin increases odor, which brings the mosquito running or flying towards us. mosquitoes are attracted to higher temperatures, if you are generating heat, mosquitoes will be drawn to you. they feed on blood, mosquitoes are born with eyes that are  able to pick up thermal sensory information, meaning they detect body heat. that’s why a repellant is important to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. mosquitoes are smart, we have to be smarter.

Luckily, there’s  Bug Zapper electric mosquito killer that can help you stop mosquitoes in their tracks effectively and naturally without using harmful chemicals. this high-performance device with it’s 360-400mm mosquito attracting wavelength, that draws any mosquito in the room and kills it. it is easy and safe to use! little wonder  people are calling it the perfect family mosquito killer.

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see it in action

here is what some of our happy customers are saying about this product:

great product. easy to use, easy to clean. my wife loves it. it traps bugs if they fly in or you can hold it in your hands, then chase them, it is fun.. this is what we have been searching for. most of them do not have this option.
mr john
This bug knocker is very easy to use and works well. it kills bugs instantly, it is actually light in weight than it look. the purple light is very effective at attracting mosquitoes and killing them without needing my help at all. I can just leave it turned on and in the morning they are dead mosquitoes around it.
I love the design. I bought it because usually when I cook I leave the kitchen window and the back door open that leads to all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes coming in, so now I just place the electric mosquito killer in my kitchen now I can cook peacefully. I love the pop it makes when it kills mosquitoes.
madam nk
ogun state
This electric mosquitoes killer was really useful when I sat outside with my family. it hit away annoying mosquitoes.


now let’s break it down for you so you will understand why this product is unique…

Compact and Portable: you can conveniently use it inside and outside your home, with just one full swing, you’ll send those annoying mosquitoes, flies or bugs to their deaths. it won’t mess your hands or leave stains on the wall of your homes.

Powerful Battery Power: it comes with a battery capacity of 1200mah that is long lasting depending on your usage it can last for more than four-hours.

Built-In-Mosquito-Lamp: using a rich, high-intensity light which  release 360-400nm wavelength, with a strong light transmission, The “Bug Zapper” effortlessly lures mosquitoes or bugs inside the room to its location and kills them easily, creating a mosquito free environment for you to enjoy, so you won”t have to deal with nasty or harmful sprays again. 

Safe For Family Use: the electric mosquito killer racket comes with a outer plated stainless steel and a inner layer aluminum steel mesh design that won”t leak electricity that are risky to the environment or kids or produces any smell or smoke that are harmful, it is easy and safe to use.

Kills Mosquitoes Instantly: it produces 3000volts power, that kills annoying mosquitoes easily without the use of harmful chemicals.

Frequently asked questions:

Finally!! The perfect family electric mosquitoes killer!!

The “Bug zapper” electric mosquito killer is your on-the-go mosquito protection that works. keep your loved ones mosquito bites free-it attracts and kills mosquitoes easily, it is easy to use and clean, no harmful chemicals that are dangerous to the health. a mosquito free environment is possible, order now! take advantage of our special introductory offer. limited stock available.

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Next-Gen Mosquito killer

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