Million Dollar Smile

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A million dollar smile isn’t priceless anymore!!

how to have a million-dollar smile in 3 short days without going to the dentist..or..even a drugstore(actually, it takes 72hours to get what you need. after that, you can have a million dollar smile in less than 30-seconds)

What is a million dollar smile worth to you?

do you want a whiter smile?

do you want to restore your confidence smile?

Dear Friend,

your smile is the gateway to a better life, it’s one of the first things people notice about you. but if you are one of the millions of people out there suffering with crooked, stained, discolored or less dazzlingly white teeth, smiling is the last thing you want to do! Now is the time to stop hiding! a study conducted by a major oral health products showed that whiter teeth can make a person look as much as 5years younger and increase attractiveness by 20%. brightened smiles also increase the perception that a person is more successful, more employable, and better educated. so no matter the problems or adversities you have had to face! whether you are young or old it’s never too late to change your life…a brand new smille can unlock doors leading to opportunities and freedom!

there are plenty of benefit to having a super white and fancy teeth, including!

  • more confidence
  • enhanced appearance
  • can make one feel more attractive

let me ask you these questions:

  • wouldn’t you love to have a brighter smile and white set of teeth?
  • wouldn’t you like an affordable and safe way to get a super white teeth without having to spend a fortune?
  • wouldn’t you want to restore your confident smile?
  • wouldn’t you like to feel and look more attractive?

i have a goodnews for you!!

if you’ve spent your life living with teeth that don’t make you happy because they’re crooked, stained and  discolored or if you are looking for an affordable and safe way to get super white set of teeth without having to spend a fortune, then you have come to the right page!


Nollyglamour teeth whitening kit!

dazzlingly white teeth, that’s quick and affordable 100%. with no side effect!

nollyglamour teeth whitening kit has been specially designed to deliver desired results in just 3 days!

  • it is specially formulated to effectively whiten your teeth using the most advanced teeth whitening technology and advanced ingredients(glycerin & propylene glycol) deliverying dental grade results, the same technique you’ll find at all dentist, but from the comfort and convenience of your home.


  • also comes with “aloe barbadensis leaf – ingredient” that helps provide a healthy gum by reducing gum inflammation.


  • stops cavity-causing germs by killing bacteria that lives in the mouth “that causes tooth decay”


  • our enamel safe 35% carbamide peroxide formula was designed by a team of leading expert to be gentle yet effective

So here is what nollyglamour teeth whitening kit will do for you!

customers testimonials!!

here's proof that our product works

See what our customers are saying about nollyglamour teeth whitening kit

how much does your teeth whitening kit cost?

Now that's a very good question!

you will agree with me that if  I price this teeth whitening kit at N47,000, you won’t say it’s that expensive.

but i wouldn’t even do that, I understand how hard nigeria economy is right now. that’s why i have price it so affordable that anyone who truly want brighter smile, fancy set of teeth & white set of teeth without having to spend a fortune could afford!

You can get 1 of the nollyglamour teeth whitening kit today at just N25,000

someone said we must be crazy for giving such an effective teeth whitening product at an unbelievably low price.

and one teeth whitening kit will last you for 30 days. that’s one calender month…

that’s right…

We have two packages…

the second package – Buy 2 nollyglamour teeth whitening kit for N50,000 only

P.S: the price is part of our  1 year anniversary special promo, it’s also another reason why we decided to slash the price for this product

What’s more, we just had the opportunity of bringing in 50 of these product into the country due to the fact that the exchange rate keeps on increasing everyday. we suggest you order now to enjoy our special anniversary package. if you delay you might not get another opportunity to get it at this price! 

it’s wise you act now!



  •  you won’t pay a dime for delivery the packaging and delivery to your doorstep…


  • plus it’s pay on delivery, so you get to confirm the product for yourself before paying for it


  • all you need to do is to make sure you have your money on the day we scheduled for delivery so that once we come to your address, there won’t be another different story


  • please make sure your phone number is available we will keep in touch via phone call after you order

hurry up because this offer ends once the countdown hit zero

and i’m not even done yet.

for those who order today only, we will reward them with a FREE gift and it doesn’t matter which package you go for once you order today, you automatically qualify for the FREE gift worth N5000

Here's the FREE gift sample

how to easily place your order.

option one: text message

text your full name, correct phone number and full delivery address(please include your city and state) to 07019214828. once we receive your message we will call you to confirm your order and deliver you within 24-48 hours…

option two: order online:

all you need to do is to fill in your correct delivery details below and click on submit button and we would call you to confirm your order and deliver within 24-48 hours

fill in your delivery details below to place an order

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it’s very simple and easy to do(even a primary school dropout can do it)

Now let’s talk about how to use it.

how to use nollyglamour teeth whitening kit for effective results:

Step 1: clean your mouth tray and dry it, then gently brush your teeth with toothpaste and rinse with water


Step 2: move the battery’s insulating piece away, and insert batteries into teeth whitening light


Step 3: attach mouth tray to teeth whitening light


Step 4: apply syringe of whitening gel into each side of the mouth tray


Step 5: Place the mouth tray over your teeth, wipe off any gel that’s in contact with your gums, then press the button to enter into a 10 minutes count-down


Step 6: after 30 minutes, remove the mouth tray and rinse your teeth with warm water

here is my 30 days “no-nonsense” 100% money back guarantee

look i will NEVER be happy, if you are not satisfied with our product

that is why i’m giving you a FULL 30 days NO-Nonsense MOney back guarantee

i understand that you are buying this product with your “HARD EARNED MONEY”

and i respect that alot

if you use this product for the first 30 days and you didn’t get your desired result

that means that i deceived you to believe in something that doesn’t work

please call my hotline on 07019214828 and request for your 100% money back

when you call, i will request your account number and send back your money in less than 3 hours

you can screenshot this guarantee and show it to your business partners  or someone that is very close to you as a proof

and what’s more we will also call your to apologize for wasting your time

just go ahead and order this product with peace of mind!

What exactly will happen if you don’t get this product right now!

you will continue to live your life with teeth that don’t make you happy, because they are crooked, stained or discolored, less fancy and that could be..


And here’s why..

you will consciously hide your smile so you won’t be noticed…You won’t be able to smile confidently…and you won’t be admired because you look less attractive

you will as well continue WASTING money on expensive dental trips and visits to the dentist to whiten your teeth, and even on other teeth whitening products that doesn’t work, you will still waste your money on them

but the choice is up to you

Frequently asked questions

 do i brush my teeth after whitening?

No, before teeth whitening process

How times do i have to use it to notice a difference?

first day of usage, but results varies from individual to individual

does it make sensitive?

No, it has been designed to protect your gum from any sensitivity

is the delivery free?

Yes, it is absolutely free

When will i receive the product if i order now?

You’ll receive it between 2-3 working days

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