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Have a mosquito-free home! by getting this amazing next-gen bugs killing device, eliminate that mosquito trouble today, buy now and save money! by taking advantage of our special introductory offer.

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the special edition of the electric mosquito killer Racket is  specifically designed to keep you and you loved one’s protected against mosquito carrying malaria, it comes a purple Led light beads that releases 360-400nm mosquito attracting wavelenght, that causes mosquito to rush into the electric shock to be killed. liitle wonder, it is being tagged the perfect family mosquito killer.

Studies has proven that mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world according to its number of victims it has claimed, as a matter of facts according to the statistics of the world malaria report in (2019), nigeria recorded the highest number of malaria cases and the highest number of deaths, meaning that every home in nigeria has to take neccessary precautions to protect themselves against malaria carrying mosquitoes. expert opinion has it that a disease free life can boost life expectancy rate.

so protect yourself and family today without using harmful chemical substances get the special edition of the electric mosquito killer racket at a discounted price here. join the pool of people that are already taking advantage of  our special introductory offer, don’t be left out, remember limited stock is available.

There is nothing more irritating than a flying mosquito or bugs buzzing around you that you can't kill. Order Now!

Next-Gen mosquito killer
Next-Gen mosquito killer

the special edition of the electric mosquito killer racket. Your number one protection against mosquito "all night long". order now! limited stock available, due to thedifficulty in sorting for the product.

why you need this product

Now let's break it down for you so you will understand why this product is unique.

Compact and portable: you can conveniently use it inside or outside your home, with just one full swing, you’ll send those annoying mosquitoes, flies and bugs into oblivion. it won’t mess your hands or leave stains on wall.

powerful battery capacity: it comes with a battery capacity of 1200mah that is long lasting, depending on your usage it can be used up to a week.

Kills fly instantly: it kills mosquitoes, flies and bugs easily with just a simple strike. the electric mosquito killer racket is powerful and reliable, it’s powerful current eliminates mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.

Built-in mosquito lamp: it’s purple led light beads can release 360-400nm attracting wavelength with a strong light transmission, which kills mosquitoes effectively. just put it on the base and mosquitoes flies into it and is killed.

Safe for family use: the electric mosquito killer racket has a high voltage power of 3000v, outer plated stainless steel, and a inner layer aluminum mesh design which will not leak electricity that are risky to kids or your environment

order before (10:59pm, 20th of may 2021)- get free delivery + free gift

here is what our other customers are saying about this product

love it. you can leave it on and it will trap mosquitoes if they fly in or you can hold itin your hand then chase mosquitoes..it is fun.
it is easy to hold and comforable in my hand, very good quality delivered on time, exactly what i needed.
i love this thing. so gratifying, i love the pop it makes when it kills mosquitoes. love that it also kills while charging
this electric mosquito killer was really unique to use. it came in handywhile we sat outside..it hit away annoying flying mosquitoes and flies.
Madam Nk

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