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       my name is stanley nwajioha,

the very first time i tried selling online “NOTHING” worked.

i tried all i could..but no matter what i did, “NOTHING” worked..

i was exactly at this point you are right now, angry, frustrated and broke,

As a student, i had to take care of my school fees, text-books and pocket money… because my parents were broke.. VERY BROKE,

i had things (skills & products) that have the capacity to be turned into money but i did not know how to do it..

regardless of all i had, they could not help if i don’t know how to exchange what i have for cash.

all i needed to change my story was the necessary techniques to sell. 

Desperately looking for how to acquire this technique to sell online..

i withdraw my last N20,000 and paid someone who promised to teach me how to make money selling online

he later blocked me and made away with my last N20,000

I was devastated, i couldn’t eat, was i cursed? why was everything i tried not working?

Then one day, almost BY MISTAKE,

i discovered one thing that completely changed everything for me..

in few seconds, i will tell you everything about it..

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in just 27days, using this selling system, i pulled in mad 6 figures in profit,

There is this joy you get when you see yourself doing things you never thought you could do.

it is no Magic, it is not impossible, You can do this too if you LEARN how to

Are you still struggling to make sales online? and you want to DISCOVER a secret selling system  that let’s you sell out your  products, eBooks, and  courses as fast as possible and repeatedly!

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Listen as long as you have something you know someone needs, you can sell it and sell it fast and repeatedly

I want to  REVEAL to you the secret selling system that i have used to generate mad 6 figure in profit monthly for myself and clients.

it is also responsible for the mindset that has gotten me through other tough financial times. i call it my “i cant be broke forever mindset”

as long as i have discovered this secret selling system that has helped me scaled my business into 6 figures monthly, i am fine.

the best part is these, it can be applied by anybody, anywhere and to any business at all.

as long as you sell online and have a way to send traffic to your product or service, you can 10X your sales figures monthly

When i started, it wasn’t easy yet, i did it.

i also made a lot of mistakes on the way and i want to help you replicate my results without making the same mistakes i did

I am holding a 2 days sales drive training on WhatsApp, where i’ll be teaching you the same exact secret  selling system i used to generate my first 6 figures in 27days..

what you will learn:

how to sell your products and services faster using facebook and instagram ads

how to identify specific keywords that get you  the most traffic to your store using facebook ads

how to use facebook ads to command attention and generate cash and  for your products in no time

easy ways to create offers that customers cannot resist

how to filter customers with your sales message to ensure your message hit your actual customers

how to create content that makes potential customers pause and pay attention to you store

Questions that stops customers in their tracks and make them buy

and so much more

P.S during this 2 days training program you’ll have access to practical videos that you can use to practice & implement what you are being taught

Who is this class for?

— you have an online business and you want to see 100% increase in sales

— you are an affiliate marketer and you want to make more sales

— you are tired of  seeing people asking prices and never buying

— you know your business has the capacity to do 10X more than it currently does in sales

you have the passion to start something online

if you fit any of these categories above, then you don’t want to miss out on this.. click on the button that says “ENROLL ME NOW” to get enrolled immediately

how much does this training cost?

when you consider the fact that this training will help you fix your sales trouble,

you will agree with me that if i price that at N15,000, you won’t say it’s expensive.

but i wouldn’t even do that, i understand how hard Nigeria economy is right now.

that’s why i have price it so affordable that anyone, who truly wants to 10X his sales will be able to afford it.

You can get access to this training at a ridiculous  amount today for just N2,999

offer expires once timer hits zero

registration is capped at just 17 business owners.

as soon as those 17slots are taken registration will close and this page will be deleted

if you are interested, you have to sign up now

here’s what people who have gotten value from this training are saying:

i like and appreciate speed so if you sign up now i have 7 extra things that will make your business better and you get them for free

Bonus 1: My “how to sell like a pro in 37 days” eBook Sold for N3,000 for free. this will teach your how to close more sales and position yourself as an international business.

Bonus 2: Lifetime access to our support group for questions, follow up and support. the point is i just don’t want to teach you and leave you, i want to make sure you are getting the same results as i do.

Bonus 3my no-fail”cash on  Delivery system” workbook. this will show you how i get my 98% conversions on all pay on delivery orders in nigeria.

Bonus 4: Automatically qualify for my crush your sales numbers in 27days challenge 

Bonus 5: A secret telegram group where you can source for cheap products to sell + all strategies i used to generate my first mad 6 figures.

Bonus 6: Contacts Of All Major Dealers In Nigeria

Bonus 7: Contacts of  Trusted Delivery Agents you Can work with nationwide

training + bonuses (worth over N20,000) — Price: N2,999

Training holds on thursday & friday, 23rd & 24th of December 2021

Time for training: 8:30 pm  daily

your fee is just N2,999

P.P.S all bonuses are available to the first 9 people that registers and offer is capped at just 17 business owners only,

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what you learn from this class will save you time and help you increase your sales this month and in the new year and it will be a source of pride for you for years to come.

You have 2 choices:

continue doing things the old hard way without results.


use this opportunity to learn how you can upgrade your monthly income by a minimum of an extra N500,000  then use the same phone you are using to read this now to get enrolled

the choice is up to you

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I didn’t start making “BIG MONEY ONLINE” until i discovered this SECRET SELLING SYSTEM

hitting 7 figures monthly is not hard.

if you have a N10,000 offer of product.. you only need to make 100 sales to hit 7 figures.

…and if you have a marketing system that brings at least 5 sales a day. you’ll hit 1 Million naira in just 20 days!

so, whether you do eCommerce, or have a whatsapp store, instagram store or you are an affiliate marketer

I’ll be showing you how to sell MORE and MORE of your products this month by Focusing-on AND fixing three core aspects of your marketing:


Your source of traffic

your sales message

your offer

meet your facilitator

stanley nwajioha is an e-commerce and online business growth strategist with experience in sales & marketing, & paid advertising

he has coached and helped business owners run well structured adverts that drive targeted traffic and generate sales for their business using paid advertising.

he has also launched several marketing campaigns that has generated multiple 6 figures for himself and his clients, advertising both physical and digital products

Here’s my crazy guarantee

if after taking this training and you didnt see any significant increase in your sales numbers in 29 days 

i will refund you the full money you paid for this training and still call you to apologize for wasting your time all the while.

all you need to do is to let us know and i will refund your money to you.

why are my giving you so much guarantee?

this might sound crazy to you but it doesn’t to me

i’m 1000% confident that you would get value from this training and use it to better your sales numbers for this month & beyond

so, enroll now before all the slots are taken


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