the same technology used by Professional athletes to relieve fatigue and pains! this device can be used in office/homes/travel.

The neck suffers from great pressure after desk/office work or use of smartphone. sitting with a computer for long causes stress to the neck muscles, or poor body posture while sitting also stress the neck muscles or improper positioning of the head while using your phones, which increases the pressure on the head and it becomes 5 times heavier causing neck pain and body fatigue.

our portable electromagnetic pulse massager, tends to give relaxation to the muscles tension and body fatigue, it’s soft and skin friendly, it does not just relax the stressed muscles tissue, but also regulates blood circulation as well. a good gift for family and friends.

why you need this product

Research has proven that massage and myotherapy very effective in managing:

They can also be effectively used to assist person's with

Healthy benefits of massage

One of the immediate benefits of massage is the feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because of endorphins which produces the feeling of wellbeing.

With massage the levels of stress hormones, such as adrenalin, coritosol and norepinephines, are also reduced. Studies indicates that levels of stress hormones impair the immune system:

Here are some benefits of massage and myotherapy:

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It helps me relax my neck muscles after a long day at work. I would recommend this for anyone that has neck pain issue or if you want to relax a bit before bed.
Neck Massager
Lagos State
I Purchased this item to help with my neck pain and frequent headaches. I received this product last Wednesday, and have been using it every night. it helped so much with the neck pain! The massager is easy to use, and has multiple settings for different massages and intensity. the instructions for use is very clear.
Mr John
Edo State
The wired ten pads works well with the neck. The power was surprising, It was more powerful than I expected. My wife fell asleep with it easily.
Ogun State
I sit at my 'home office' all day and my neck gets really sore and tight. I purchased this in hopes it would give me some relief from tightness and pain. Which it actually did, the pulses are quite relaxing. the warm heat feels incredible when I'm stressed and aching.

Frequently asked Question

How To Use electromagnetic pulse massager

when using the electromagnetic pulse massager, it’s best to keep the skin moist before using it. just moisten it with water. if the skin is relatively dry state easy to have a tangling sensation.

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